starTips for job seekers

Looking for a new job can be a real hassle, but there is a method to the madness.  Just a few simple guidelines can help you move from the interview process to a new career.  In fact, all you need to do is remember three simple words: preparation, practice, performance!

It’s all about doing your research.  Never go to an interview without having learned about the company and the job you’ve applied for.  You should know exactly the kinds of skills that the employer wants to find.  If your skills differ from what they want, be ready with answers about why or how your experience makes you well prepared to master the skills they need.

You want to be prepared to answer their questions, but you should also have questions to ask the employer during the interview.  Ask about the company.  Ask about the job.  By asking questions you let the person interviewing you know that you’re really interested in the position.

Don’t walk into the interview without having practiced answering the questions that you anticipate from the employer.  You should be well prepared to answer job specific questions, as well as commonly asked questions such as “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” or “What do you think is your biggest weakness?”  Your new job depends on these answers, so practice giving them to the mirror, your friends, or just out loud while driving in the car.

An interview is your moment to shine.  Dress in your best.  Shake hands.  Look people in the eye but don’t stare.  Be conservative in your attire and what you say.  If you’re prepared and you’ve practiced, the performance will be a success!

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