starGrant & Scholarship Resources

Student loans are not the only way to pay for college! Grants and scholarships can really put a dent in the amount of a college education and you won't have to pay them back after you graduate. Check out some of these resources for more information about how to apply for grants and scholarships, along with a few tips about how to avoid scams.


  • The financial aid office at the college or university where you are - or will be - enrolled. It will have information on all grants and scholarships in your area and for your particular major.
  • The Federal Student Aid Information Center online at This site can assist you with finding information about federal grants.
  • The Internet has many good financial aid resources that you can access by doing an Internet search. Use these words in your keyword search: finanical, aid, resource, scholarships, grants.
  • GCIS has information on over 3,000 national scholarships and grants, and information on over 120 scholarships and grants for Georgia students. You'll need your user name and password to login, but once you do the information is yours! Get there directly by clicking here.

Avoiding Financial Aid Scams

  • There is a lot of information on financial aid that is free. Beware of anyone asking you for money to help you do a financial aid search.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive a scholarship or grant. Never trust an organization that tries to offer you a guarantee that you will receive a grant if you use their services.
  • Avoid sites that tell you they have exclusive information on scholarship or grant information or that ask you for your credit card number in exchange for information.
  • Use trusted financial aid websites. Again, a good place to start looking is with the finanical aid office at the institution you will be attending.

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