Here's What's New

This fall you will note several enhancements to the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS) and Georgia Career Information System Junior (GCIS Junior). Our fall release provides some changes to the appearance and operation of familiar files and components, as well as complete updates to our information.  Learn about the major enhancements below:

GCIS Updates

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Programs of Study topic have been revised and reformatted to become About Programs of Study, and the FAQs for the Georgia Schools and U.S.  Schools topics have become About Schools. These new sections display in a more inviting layout and are available in both English and Spanish. Access these new content sections on the vertical tabs at the top of their respective topic areas.

All worksheets and scoring rubrics in the GCIS Curriculum and My Career Plan have been converted to fillable, savable PDFs. In addition, all My Career Plan worksheets have been converted to full classroom lesson plans and added to the GCIS Curriculum. The SKILLS worksheet also has been converted to a fillable, savable PDF.

GCIS Junior Updates

GCIS Junior Content
New GCIS Junior Life After High School content helps Junior users consider college and other training options after high school and learn that training beyond high school is appropriate, sensible, and affordable for all. The content includes information, worksheets, activities, and a game. In addition, new information about military service and apprenticeship has been added to GCIS Junior. The GCIS Junior Implementation Framework also has been edited to include these new contents.

Assessments Tools and Sorting Strategies

Financial Aid Sort
Financial Aid Sort has been completely revised. Changes include modified sorting criteria, improved navigation, and a list of management features that parallel last year's School Sort updates.

Career Cluster Inventory (48-Question version)
The Career Cluster Inventory now is available in two versions: 48 Question version and 80 Question version. Use these assessment tools to link student interests to the 16 federal career clusters


My Checklists
Sites will be able to create and customize My Checklists for their students and clients. When sites activate checklists (see below under Administration Tools), users will be able to:

My Career Plan (High School Version)

Two new activities, targeting School Sort and Aid Sort, have been added to the High School version of My Career Plan, and the Implementation Plan has been updated to include these activities. At the Looking Deeper, Evaluate Options level we added Identify and Compare Schools of Interest. In the Next Steps, Make Plans section we added Securing Financial Aid Awards.

Peterson's Practice Tests

GCIC offers full length practice tests and test preparatory resources to schools that license GCIS. Students can save their results in their GCIS Portfolios.  The three options are:

Administration Tools


Sites can now customize My Checklists by: